Bounder games is currently working on two main projects: a puzzle game called Combo Carts and an action game called Armoured Engines. In addition, the team occasionally creates side projects for game jams such as the Ludum Dare, Global Game Jam, and other short development events.

Armoured Engines – Loco Locomotion

  Armoured Engines is a steam punk western epic following the journey of train conductor Dusty Beats and her partner in crime, the ancient living engine Billy Wylam, as they search for El Dorado. Fend off hordes of zany enemies,

Combo Carts – Infinite Puzzle Fun

  The next evolution of sliding puzzle games like Threes and 2048! Combo Carts is a puzzle game all about moving mine carts. Carefully position carts full of treasure along a network of tracks. Combine carts with a swipe of

Soulmates – Sweet Puzzle Game

  Soul meets soul when eyes meet eyes in this toothache-cute puzzle game! These unsuspecting folks are about to miss their chance to meet their soulmates! We better fix that. Get the two people to meet eyes by opening beautiful