Bounder Games is an independent game studio in Scotland, founded by Sarah Herzog, Roy Stevens, and Levie Drysdale with the aim of creating vibrant, tactile games that delight the mind and the senses. Our first game, Combo Carts, was released August 2014. We are currently working on Armoured Engines, which will be released in 2016.


Sarah has played games for as long as she can remember. She loves the fantasy and escapism of games, and their potential to immerse us completely in their worlds. She came to game development later in her life, first getting a degree in Chemical Engineering.
Sarah likes a huge variety of games, but her favourites include Secret of Mana, Harvest Moon, and Prison Architect. When not playing or making games, she can be found jamming on her ukulele, singing, and tutoring at the local Coder Dojo.
Roy played games so often growing up that he was known in high school as “Game Boy Roy”. He sees games as simpler, less complicated experiences – a wonderful break from the stresses of the real world. From humble beginnings making tiny Flash games, he aspires to design compelling, juicy experiences.
He loves high action games including classics like Rocket Knight and Kirby: Adventure in Dreamland, as well as modern hits such as Team Fortress 2 and Jak 2. In his free time he enjoys writing, reading, cooking, and eating.
Levie has adored playing games since she was a toddler. She believes that games are an immensely positive and helpful medium that can cheer up, relax, and educate players. Although she’s always been a massive lover of games, Levie only attempted game development much later in life and soon realized her passion for it.
Levie’s childhood-favourite games are the early Sonic series and Kirby’s Dreamland 3; generally, she enjoys games with a lot of heart, like Freedom Planet and Shovel Knight. While not making games, Levie loves to chill out by composing music, watching anime, cuddling with friends, and relaxing in parks (and petting the dogs that come up).