We at Bounder Games are happy to announce that our new website is live! If you’re reading this, you’re already here, so we hope you take some time to look around at our work in the Projects section, feel free to send us feedback in the Contact section, and satisfy your curiosity about we Bounders ourselves in the Meet the Bounders section. Soon we hope to have a mailing list sign up, where you can receive game announcements, alpha and beta testing opportunities, and other juicy tidbits.

Thanks for taking the time to visit!

We’re Live!

2 thoughts on “We’re Live!

  • August 15, 2014 at 12:35 am

    Hi Bounders.

    Sorry ran into yourselves at Dare last weekend and had to look you up afterwards. I’m the guy Roy thought worked on Joust and who I believed knew from Inverness somewhere. Also Kyle took a photo of myself and girlfriend near the end of Sunday while playing Combo Carts shortly before I stuck a Train sticker to my hat that Sarah gave me.

    Also I didn’t really know what to pop here into your Comment section and seeing that it was empty I really didn’t want to ruin the first comment… which I think I currently am. =/

    But anyway Combo Carts is addictive and great fun. Been playing the resent test version and I seriously can’t put it down. I’ve lost hours already to it. Found a few issues but I’ll use the contact page for that… or at least acquire through the contact page about were to leave notes on the issues I’ve currently found.

    I’ll just go now. Starting to Ramble I think. No harm if you want to go ahead and remove this later for keeping it tidy and well, not sullied with this current comment. xD

    Keep it up Bounders, you’re certainly going places.


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