Last weekend, Bounder Games journeyed to Birmingham’s NEC to show Armoured Engines at one of the UK’s largest gaming events – the Insomnia Gaming Festival.

The event was a massive success for us! Here’s some highlights of what we gained:

  • Feedback: We gained some amazing feedback from watching our players and chatting with them about their experiences. We created a new build for each day of the show, iterating on what we learned the previous day.
  • Players: At the end of our demo, we set up a screen which asks our players if they want to sign up for our mailing list to be informed when the game releases. Almost every single person who played the game signed up!
  • Dev Contacts: We met and reconnected with so many fantastic developers, and I can’t even begin to describe how valuable these contacts are. One of the biggest goals for this expo was to talk to developers who are releasing on consoles, and we succeeding in finding some good contacts on that front. We also got some great advice, as well as sharing our own tips (our mailing list sign up was really popular with the devs).
  • Fun: The event was an absolute blast – we played so many great indie games, got to wander around fun merch stalls, and had some great social nights out with the other devs. We definitely plan to come to the next Insomnia!

As always, we want to take a moment to thank our patrons. We couldn’t do events like these without them!

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Insomnia 62 – Event Postmortem